Online Legal Counceling

The online advisory service by videoconference is specially designed for those people who require legal advice but who for various reasons are not able to attend an appointment in the office. To do this we will use the available technology (video conferencing programs: Skype) and build a virtual space of advice and confidentiality that allows you to clarify your doubts.

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Do a video conference by Whatsapp

Do you have whatsapp? Use the video call tool built into Whatsapp to make your query telematic.

Steps to make a video conference with Skype

The first contact we can make without obligation, so that you feel that you are comfortable and check that everything works.  You’ll see that video conferencing is a convenient and effective system of communicating

First of all, you have to install the program. If you’re using Windows 10, Skype is already integrated into your operating system, but if you don’t have to just click on the link on this page, select the version that best suits your needs and download it. You need a computer with webcam and microphone. Most of them bring them built-in, but you can find cameras for very little money.

Once downloaded, install Skype (it’s very easy, just follow the step guide that the program runs) and when you open it you will have to sign in with your email account (in case you already have an Outlook account) or you create a new one.

The next step before making calls is to add the dispatch contact to your list.

In the Windows version, it is located at the top of the screen and is recognizable by the agenda icon. At this point, simply type in the email address and wait a few moments to get the results. Click on the contact’s name, choose “Add” and wait for a response from the contact.

If your request is accepted, the contact will appear on the main screen of the app, in the left column dedicated to conversations.

You can now make the video call. Just click on one of the contacts in the left column, and wait a few moments: on the right side of the screen the chat history will appear, while at the top, to the right of the name, there will be three buttons / icons: the first, with a camera inside, is for Skype video call; the second, with a headset, will be used for a voice call; the third, with a “+” in the center, to create a group chat.

Once the call is initiated, the user will have several commands and tools to use “live”. By clicking the camera icon, for example, you can turn the video on and off; the icon with the microphone will enable or disable the PC microphone; However, the icon with the three dots will allow access to additional functions (such as the ability to add other contacts to the call).
In addition, the user can share the screen with Skype, so that the called contact can see the same screen that we showed at that time. This is a very useful feature, especially during video conferencing or for remote assistance. To share the screen with Skype will suffice, while we call, click on the button with the three dots and choose “Screen Sharing”.
Skype also allows you to make group calls or video conferences with two or more participants. To initiate the Skype group call, select one of the contacts, create a group (by clicking the “Create Group” icon on the right of the name) and add other people to the conversation: at this point, press the button to start the video call and wait for everyone to respond.

Payment methods

Payments are made securely via Transfer

If you prefer you can make a deposit or a bank transfer. This will be facilitated by mail or later videoconferencing so that the payment can be made easily and without the need for travel.

You can consult Garcia Taboada Abogados through the contact form on this page in case you need other means of payment.

To make an online consultation you will have to pay 24 hours in advance.

Cancellation policy

Thank you for giving me well notice of any changes. However, I reserve you an hour, so if you notify me less than 24 hours in advance I will not be able to see you and also another person, so I will ask you to pay for 50% of the consultation.