Civil Law

In GarcíaTaboada, we offer you the best legal advice and we search all the possible solutions to your problems in the area of civil law, such as:

Family Law

We assess you in the following branches:


WHAT PROCEEDING SHOUL I FOLLOW IN A DIVORCE? We are lawyers in mutual agreement divorce proceedings, as well as contentious divorce proceedings. In both cases we submit the petition and offer full legal assistance and professional, sympathetic advice during the legal process. In some cases, where a divorce might be initiated either in Spain or in a different jurisdiction, we can explain the pros and cons to you so that you can make an informed decision before acting.

Parent – child relationships relating to unmarried partners

WHAT MEASURES NEED TO BE ADOPTED AFTER THE BREAKDOWN OF A RELATIONSHIP? After the breakup of an unmarried couple with children, especially if the children are minors, it is necessary to make an agreement establishing how the situation is going to be regulated with regard to custody, visitation rights and arrangements, holidays, child support and maintenance agreements and the use of the family home. We offer advice and legal assistance, including submitting the legal papers and comprehensive explanations and support during the whole process.

Modification of financial settlements and custody agreements

MIGHT THE MEASURES ADOPTED BE CHANGED? It may occur that after divorce or a breakup, due to a significant change in circumstances, either party might request the modification of the agreement relating to custody, visitation, maintenance or the use of the family home. Whether you wish to change the arrangements or your ex-partner has done so, and you are unsure of your position, we will be at your side, in requesting or putting together the best defence against any new court order.

Marriage settlements / contract

HOW THE “ECONOMIC REGIMEN” OF MARRIAGE IS REGULATED? One of the main factors to take into account upon or within a marriage is the economic regimen. This is a concept which will be unfamiliar to most foreigners living in Spain, but it regulates the assets of both parties as being considered shared between them or not, and has far-reaching implications. This regimen may be varied and can be modified at any moment. We can advise and assist you in establishing the marriage regimen that is appropriate for your circumstances, as well as clarifying the differences, pros and cons of each.

Claims for payment

HOW CAN I GET BACK WHAT THEY OWE ME? Unpaid debts, money owing to you, is one of the greatest concerns to both people and businesses. At this firm, we offer you the best chance of getting back those unpaid amounts of money through the proper legal process. (procedimiento monitorio or procedimiento declarativo).


We offer the best services of legal advice and drafting of leases and sales.


¿DO YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR TENANT OR YOUR LANDLORD? We advise and assist both owners / landlords and tenants about the disputes that might arise regarding lease and rental contracts, analysing the history of the dispute and defending your interests in an eviction proceeding.

Inheritance / Law of Succession law

WHAT RIGHTS DO I HAVE AFTER THE DEATH OF A RELATIVE? It is important to know exactly what the rights of the heirs or beneficiaries are. We will assist and advise you through every procedure, both judicial and extrajudicial, right up to the adjudication of all the goods of the estate: obtaining the documents, wills, objections to the will, partition of the estate, inventory of assets, liquidation and payment of taxes, etc.

Real Estate Law / Conveyancing

There are lots of legal issues to take into account at the time of buying or selling a property, as well as once you acquire it. Topics to consider are what use you might give to it and knowing your rights in the event of conflicts with the other party after the purchase or sale.

We assist and advice you in every extrajudicial or judicial procedure related to this area of the law: earnest money contract; sales contract; easements; construction defects or damages; claims for habitability or security of the property; breach of contract.

Horizontal property (condominium) and community of owners

DOES THE COMMUNITY OF OWNERS NEED LEGAL ADVICE? We offer legal advice and assistance in defence of the interests of the community of owners, such as: claims of unpaid charges; claims against the agreements taken in the assembly of owners, etc.

HAVE YOU SUFFERED AN INJURY OR LOSS IN A CAR ACCIDENT AND DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO? If you have suffered due to a traffic accident, the first thing to do is to consult with a professional as soon as possible about your rights in this type of case, in order to claim the proper compensation for personal and material damages.

At this firm we offer you the best advice and we assist you from the first moment after the accident. Furthermore, we call on a medical expert who offers medical treatment consisting of rehabilitation and physical therapy according to the personal damages suffered.